Thursday, 12 January 2017

Yet Again Another Ed Tech Course

I am Kyle DuMont.  I am a grade 7/8 teacher at Jack MacKenzie School in Regina. I am married to a wonderful, but very pregnant woman, who is also a teacher.  We have an amazing little toddler, Lily, running around that generally chases our 10 year old coonhound, Whiskey.  This is my 8/9th class in my masters program.  Luckily this is my 4th Courosbrandt course.

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I am very excited to be working on developing a blended/online learning course.  I currently use GAFE in my classroom regularly.  I attempt to utilize it as a blended learning format, but due to time constraints it is not always perfectly blended. My twitter handle is @kyledumont2 and one of my goals for this course is to utilize twitter more than I have in the past.  Usually I am a Google Plus kind of guy and I follow others on twitter and usually just like other tweets or re-tweet.  This course I plan on tweeting more often and being more interactive in this space.

Throughout this class I am excited to find new tools that will help me develop my blended learning atmosphere in a more synthetic way.  Right now I am a YouTube abuser and find videos that link to the teaching, I would like to take a leap and begin videoing some of my teaching and use them as my videos to share with my students and colleagues.

Because of my affinity for GAFE I am also hoping to find other LMS systems that are comparable or at least interactive with many of the GAFE systems.  I would love to see how I can expand my horizons and being interfacing Microsoft OneDrive with my Google Classroom, as I am finding many of my students have this as their option on their BYOD's.

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