Friday, 25 September 2015

Jack MacKenzie School Choir

September 25th , 2015


We are very pleased that you have decided to participate in our school choir this year.  This exciting group combines students from Grade 5-8 from Jack MacKenzie school. 
We look forward to making some wonderful music under the guidance of Ms Little,
Mme Cross, and Mrs.Hinz.

  • Repertoire and Concerts
This group will be singing music from both the secular and sacred genres.  We work towards several performances including the Rotary Carol Festival and participation in our school Christmas concert.  We may do caroling as well and plan on doing so at several Senior residences as well as a mall.  We usually wrap up the season with a pizza and movie party. 

  • Concert Dress
Students who participate in this group are asked to wear black pants or skirt with a long sleeved white shirt or blouse and black shoes for performances.

  • Rehearsals and Attendance
We have included a rehearsal schedule on the reverse side of this note.  We have very few rehearsals and a lot to accomplish.  We would appreciate your support in encouraging your child to attend each and every rehearsal time.  Absences MUST be discussed with one of the staff members involved in the choir.  If your child misses three rehearsals without letting one of the coordinators know, they will be removed from the group. The choir will not be meeting after the New Year.

Singing together builds community.  Participation in this group will give your child the opportunity to develop their talents and make new friends while having a great time.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact either school and speak to one of the teachers involved.   Thank you.

Yours in music,

Ms Little                     Mme Cross                                    Mrs. Hinz                           

(As of September 25th  , 2015 – First Draft)    (Most rehearsals are on Day 3 at noon!)

1.       Sept. 25                         Friday                            noon

2.       October 2                       Friday                            noon

3.       October 8                       Thursday                       noon

4.       October 13                     Tuesday                         noon

5.       October 20                     Tuesday                         noon

6.       October 27                     Tuesday                         noon

7.       November 3                            Tuesday                         noon

8.       November 10                 Tuesday                         noon

9.       November 19                 Thursday                       noon

10.     November 26                 Thursday                       noon

11.      December 3                            Thursday                       noon

13.     December 10                 Thursday                       noon

14.     December 14                 Monday                         noon

16.     December 15th               Tuesday
                                                Jack MacKenzie Christmas Concert
                                                Morning – performance for school
                                                1:15 p.m. afternoon performance
                                                7:00 p.m. evening performance
·        Rotary Carol Festival  - Date T.B.A.
·        Caroling and Pizza Party – Date T.B.A
·        Caroling at a Senior Home  - ???- Date T.B.A.