Thursday, 12 May 2016

Wrestling With Technology Always A Gripping Topic

I thought I would start out this class with introducing myself.  My name is Kyle DuMont.  I am a husband and a new(ish) dad.  Tenille and I now have a 1 year old.  A passion of mine is coaching wrestling, as the sport brought me to university, and helped me travel across North America.

  Unfortunately I have had to give up that while we are in the early stages of family and me taking my masters, working a part time job as a server and just being involved with our friends on the occasional dinner party.
 I have been an educator for almost 7 years now.  I have spent 5 of those years at Thomson Community School and these last 2 years I have been working at Jack MacKenzie School.  I have always taught grade 7/8 over the course of my career so far.

I am not the most creative person in the world and probably the best creative thing I have done was this anti-smoking video with some colleagues for fun.  I have taken EC&I 831 from Alec and Katia way back in 2013 as my very first masters class at the U of R.   I feel through their class I have gained a lot of confidence and am utilizing the tools learned within that class and am now one of the tech people within my building.

I have ventured through using tech tools such as kahoot and quizizz, to edmodo as a platform to help create a blended classroom and now I am utilizing google classrooms which is supported by the Regina Public School Division.  I am very excited to be taking EC&I 830 and broadening my technological horizon more.  The first assignment has got me very jacked up and ready to roll into debate battle with Erin Benjamin and Jeremy Black going toe-to-toe against Chalyn SmithKayla Bodner and Steve "Boots" Boutilier conversing about Technology in the classroom enhances learning.

All I can say is Chalyn, Kayla and Boots better bring their "A" game when taking on Brilliant Benjamin, Better-than-you Black and Defying-the-odds DuMont in the first Great Edtech Debate!

Stay tuned for the 411 on how the debate went down next Tuesday.