Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Educational Uses for Augmented/Virtual Reality

After Bill and Logan's extensive presentation on a variety of tools that are available in this field for educational purposes.  As of now I feel these are mostly prevalent within the science, with the capabilities to incorporate writing skills into them.  With some of the tools that they demonstrated I really like the Augmented Reality ideas and I can see a quick and fairly smooth transition to these type of tools.

Rochelle discussed in our breakout room about how she uses Aurasma within her library as a tool for her students to be incorporating technology into their daily lives.  Her students complete a review of a book they enjoyed and then submit it to her.  Rochelle then takes a picture and adds it to her WSHlibrary and adds an Aurasma sticker to the book.  This allows her students to know which books have had reviews and they can see what their peers opinions of the books are.

Within our chat during our last class someone said they could see augmented reality be put to good use when geocaching.  I really liked this idea as when I go geocaching I always try to hit up as many of the key spots in our downtown tour to give the students more information about the heritage of many of these sites.  I would love to create an Aurasma account and add another layer to the educational experience to this outdoor ed field trip provided by Regina Public Schools Outdoor Ed team.

In terms of what VR tools are out there for school I found that Immersive Education had some great ideas and tools for how you can incorporate this into your science classes.  I would love to get some Google Cardboard head sets and find a way to utilize tools like these for my classroom.  I can imagine the students would love to use these.  I could even see us finding innovative ways to utilize these tools within a PAA class or two.